This project was carried out during the MIT Media lab workshop “Sharing Experience.” A team of 4 myself included, collaborated in brainstorming to prototyping in 3 days. The electronic pet was projected into an actual environment, and interacted with the environment. A user could play with the pet using gesture-based interaction. A stingray was used for this projection. In order to attract the stingray, one was required to behave like one was scooping out an object from under water. The stingray would blink to alert the master when there were any dangerous elements near the master. The stingray disappears every once in a while in case the master is too focused on the ray as opposed to the environment around himself. When that happens, the master must use a flash light to look around himself. There were some ideas and initial scenarios of testing the pets’ interaction with other objects however, not realized because of the time constraints.